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Annapurna Trekking - At the Feet of the Goddess

Nepal, Annapurna Conservation Area - Kathmandu - Pokhara

• 20 days, including 11 days of trekking with 4 - 7 hours walking time/day • moderate - demanding • trekking path, open terrain, scree slopes • overnight in tent & fixed accommodations • max. altitude 5416 m above sea level. • Accompanied by: trekking guide, kitchen staff / porters / pack animals (pony / dzo / dzomo) •


To this day, the main summit of the Annapurna massif, Annapurna I, counts as one of the 8000er mountains which had been climbed the least amount of times, and maybe therefore it is one of the most beautiful and fascinating ones of our world. To the local people, which are influenced by Hindu as well as Buddhist culture, the peaks of the Annapurna Himal are sacred, some have never been conquered for this reason to the present day, they are completely untouched by man.

The name Annapurna is translated from Sanskrit as "the food donor" and is synonymous with the Hindu deities Parvati, Durga and also Kali. Old disputes over the important trade routes through the passes of the Himalayas, such as the Thorong-la mountain pass at 5416 meters above sea level, which is part of our route, are fortunately settled today, and sustainable tourism is a welcome supplement to the economy in the region.

The Nepalese government succeeded to preserve the impressive mountain massif with its famous peaks and also the areas at the foot of the mountain ranges from massive intervention by modern civilization, and thus to protect the unique natural beauty and unaltered culture of the region. Our trekking tour takes you first into the Kathmandu Valley, then follows ancient paths up into the mountains and leads your eyes upward to the mighty snow-capped peaks of the Annapurna Himal, to finally culturally round off your stay with some relaxing days in Pokhara and Kathmandu, in this second highest country on earth.

The experience of the original nature, and the insight into an age-old way of life is meant to be in the foreground in this trekking, all the daily stages are planned in quite a relaxed way. Nevertheless requires the altitude and the walking on unpaved roads an appropriate physical condition. Join us on a path from the daily routine to Hindu gods and Buddhist culture, from green valleys up to white peaks, and build with us your personal bridge into the Himalayas.


  • Kathmandu with Hindu and Buddhist shrines
  • Genuine insight into the rural life of Nepalese tribal communities
  • Hike through untouched nature of various climate zones
  • Impressive mountain view of snow giants of the Himalayas
  • Crossing of the Himalaya main crest to the famous mountain pass Thorong La

Travel Itinerary

Day 1 :  Arrival
Arrival at the airport of Kathmandu, transfer to the hotel and first explorations of the city. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 : Kathmandu (1350 m above sea level)
Sightseeing in and around Kathmandu with the Hindu shrine Pashupatinath and the Buddhist stupa of Bodnath as well as the Swaymbunath Stupa. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3 : 1 day of trekking: Kathmandu - Besisahar - Bhulbhule (900 m above sea level)
Driving time 6-7 hours, walking time about 3 hours
After the breakfast follows the departure into the mountains: in the vehicle we first cross the Thankot Pass at 1500 m above sea level, and then follow the course of a river to Besisahar, where the crew for our trekking tour awaits us. After a first, about three-hour hike, we reach Bhulbhule and our camp. Overnight in camp.

Day 4 : 2nd trekking day : Bhulbhule - Jagat (1200 m above sea level)
Walking time about 6-7 hours
We pass through villages of the Gurung and their terraced fields, cross deep ravines, which rivers have carved into the rock over thousands of years. In the background are the mighty peaks Manaslu and Annapurna.
Overnight in camp.

Day 5 : 3rd day of trekking: - (1900 m above sea level) Jagat Dharapani
Walking time: 6 hours
After breakfast we follow the Buri Gandaki River upstream and enter bit by bit a new vegetation zone. Maize and barley are replacing the previously ubiquitous cultivated rice, and the architecture is changing in the direction of Buddhist culture style. The surrounding mountain slopes fold up more steeply.
Overnight in camp.

Day 6 : 4th day of trekking: Dharapani - Chame (2700 m above sea level)
Walking time approx. 6 hours
The further ascent will be rewarded today with the views of forested hillsides, and the white peaks of Lamjung Himal and Annapurna II. We pass several villages, until we reach the village of Chame, where we set up camp.
Overnight in camp.

Day 7 : 5th day of trekking: Chame - Pisang (3800 m above sea level)
Walking time approx. 5-6 hours
The impressive landscape surprises on today's route again and again. The path crosses among others in a small incision a deep rocky gorge, and follows the winding course of a river. Long walls, with Buddhist prayers chiseled into the stone, accompany us until we reach our camp in the village of Pisang on the plateau of the same name. Overnight in camp.

Day 8 : 6th day of trekking: Pisang - Manang (3500 m above sea level)
Walking time: about 6-7 hours
During our route of today, the vegetation around us changes once again: the landscape is becoming drier, and corn fields give way to wide grasslands, where sheep, goats and especially yaks are grazing. Overnight in camp.

Day 9 : 7th day of trekking: acclimatisation day in Manang
This day serves as an adaptation day to the high altitude, and invites you to a tour of the historical monastery of Braga. Overnight in camp.

Day 10 : 8th day of trekking: Manang - Yak Kharka (4000 m above sea level) 
Walking time: about 4 hours
Leisurely we reach the alpine vegetation zone, and with a little luck we can catch a glimpse of the grazing Himalayan thar between occasional juniper bushes, an unique type of goat of the high mountains.
Overnight in camp.

Day 11 : 9th day of trekking: Yak Kharka - Thorong Phedi (4450 m above sea level)
Walking time: 4-5 hours
The signs of human settlements are becoming more and more sparse, and we spot only now and then a summer settlement, respectively we may encounter nomads who graze their herds. Already at noon we arrive at our camp, and will be able to rest a little before tomorrow's crowning stage. Overnight in camp.

Day 12 : 10th trekking day: Thorong Phedi - Thorong La mountain pass (5416 m above sea level) - Muktinath (4000 m above sea level) 
Walking time: about 10-12 hours
Today we are getting ready very early, and follow a path which was used for many centuries, and which ascends, lined with prayer flags, to the highest Himalayan mountain pass. At the peak point of the Thorong La mountain pass, the panorama of the mountains around us is simply indescribably beautiful. The descent takes us through boulder fields into green valleys, until we finally reach the pilgrimage destination Muktinath.
Overnight in camp.

Day 13 : 11th trekking day: Muktinath - Jomsom  (2800 m above sea level) 
Walking time: 5-6 hours
In the early hours of the day we will visit the pilgrimage site of Muktinath, with its 108 bronze waterspouts around the source of the Krishna Gandaki, and the sacred fires in the temple of the goddess of fire. Then we get on the way down, through the mountain landscape, which is increasingly speckled by green fields, through the village of Kagbeni to Jomsom, where we set up our tents one last time. Overnight in camp.

Day 14 : Jomsom - Pokhara (1000 m above sea level)
A short but unforgettable domestic flight with impressive views brings us today after breakfast to Pokhara, the centrally situated holiday destination at Lake Phewa. After moving into the room in a comfortable hotel, the day is at leisure. Overnight at hotel.

Day 15 : Pokhara
Even today a leisurely day is planned, it is ideal for walks along the lake shore or a small boat tour. The panorama of the Annapurna Himal is omnipresent, and allows us to revel in our memories. Overnight at hotel.

Day 16 : Pokhara - Kathmandu (1350 m above sea level)
Also today's domestic flight back to the capital Kathmandu boasts with the fascinating view of the Himalayan mountain range. After moving into the rooms in the hotel, the afternoon is at your free disposal. Overnight at hotel.

Day 17 : Kathmandu Valley
Very close to the capital we visit the city of Patan, which is strongly influenced by Buddhism, with more than 150 (former) monasteries. Also Bhaktapur, the third largest city of the Kathmandu valley, with its old markets, is worth a visit. The afternoon is at leisure. Overnight at hotel.

Day 18 : Kathmandu
Today after breakfast follows the transfer to the airport, and the return journey, respectively the onward flight.


This journey can be flexibly adapted to your personal physical condition, and to your comfort needs. If indulgence and leisure are in the foreground of your holiday, we‘ll gladly shorten the trekking days – simply talk to us!

Best Travel Period

Our spring and fall are, as far as the weather is concerned, the ideal periods for a holiday in Nepal. Now it is - unlike in the summer when the monsoon crosses the country - relatively dry, and the temperatures are pleasant. Of course it is cooler with increasing altitude, so that appropriate clothing while trekking is indispensable.

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