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The Spirit of three Cultures – Cultural Journey with Delhi, Amritsar and Dharamshala


Already seeing the exotic landscape in front of the mighty backdrop of the snow covered Himalayas gives a stay in northern India something mystical, which is supported by the exuberant and detailed architecture of the region, and is especially highlighted on this trip by conversations with monks and spiritual leaders of different religions. By leaving your aircraft, you immerse yourself into the warmth and the friendliness of the people of Delhi, the modern and lively capital of the Republic of India. First discoveries in this metropolis, which brings history and modernity together in an inimitable way, give you impressions on the cultural and religious diversity, that will define the further course of your journey. Discover the main attractions of Delhi, such as the Jama Masjid (the Friday Mosque), the Red Fort and the Presidential Palace.


A deep insight into the culture of the Sikhs, a religion which counts around 23 million members worldwide today, you will get during the following visit to the holy city of Amritsar, and the visit to the ancient Golden Temple on the shore of the Nektar Lake. This is where first conversations with gurus can happen, but also for a leisurely stroll through the bustling markets is sufficient time.

Himachal Pradesh

Our journey continues from Amritsar towards the north, overcomes some differences in altitude and leads to Dharamshala, the exile home of the reigning Dalai Lama. Various Buddhist temples, monasteries, museums and markets await your visit, but above all the friendly people are looking forward to bring you closer their beliefs, their culture and lifestyle. On long walks you will be enchanted by the scenery, you can enjoy exquisite Tibetan delicacies and broaden your horizon in talks with monks, with teachings and meditation.

A trip to the nearby town of Kangra enables you, besides the chance to see various Hindu temples - including some of the probably oldest temples in India - and the Kangra Fort from the 11th century, to conversations with Hindus and the experience of the religion, which is a part of day to day life for them. Other day trips to native’s villages and conversations with the people who live here will round off your picture of North India, and strengthen your bridge into this region. Our serene and comfortable journey will be completed through relaxing, ayurvedic massages and therapies that help to take in all the new impulses and to keep the eyes open for the stunning beauty of the landscape and the heartfelt kindness of the people.


  • Delhi, the diverse capital of the Republic of India
  • The holy city of the Sikhs, Amritsar, and conversations with gurus of this religion.
  • Dharamsala, exile of the Dalai Lama and important center of Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Religious diversity in villages of native people at the foot of the Himalayas.
  • Tibetan cooking class and ayurvedic massages.
  • Conversations with gurus, monks and local people.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival in New Delhi, transfer to and overnight at the hotel.
Day 2 : Exploration of New and Old Delhi, overnight at the hotel.
Day 3 : Drive on to Amritsar, overnight at the hotel.
Day 4 : Exploration of the Holy City of Amritsar, overnight at the hotel.
Day 5 : Drive on to Dharamshala, overnight at the hotel.
Day 6 : Explorations in Dharamshala, overnight at the hotel.
Day 7 : Explorations in Dharamshala, overnight at the hotel.
Day 8 : Day trip to the Kangra Valley, overnight at the hotel.
Day 9 : Spiritual and informative discussions with monks, overnight at the hotel.
Day 10 : Excursions to indigenous people‘s villages around Dharamshala, overnight at the hotel.
Day 11 : Excursions to indigenous people‘s villages around Dharamshala, overnight at the hotel.
Day 12 : Pure relaxation in Dharamshala, transfer in the overnight train to Delhi.
Day 13 : Stay in Delhi at leisure, overnight at the hotel.
Day 14 : Transfer to the airport

Best Travel Period

This region of India offers year-round quite enjoyable travel conditions. From April to October are the day temperatures above 30°C. From mid-June then the monsoon finds its way into the  area, and provides it until September with abundant rainfall. During the winter months there is significantly less precipitation, but it is also cooler, with daytime temperatures between 20 and 25°C, and at nighttime it cools down to 5°C.

For trekking in the Kangra region near Dharamshala, from April to June and September 15th to November 30th is considered the best time.


  • Lengthen or shorten this vacation according to your travel time window.
  • This travel module matches perfectly with our travel modules "Himachal Pradesh Himalaya with small Ladakh Spiti", "Ladakh Himalaya cultural journey with Kashmir India" "Delhi city sightseeing India"
  • Would you like to integrate a trekking program into your journey? There are 6 - 8-day trekking tours on 3200-4300 meters above sea level available.

Experience the snow covered Dhauladhar Himalayas with their stunning scenery; visit villages of semi-nomadic tribes and experience in spring rhododendron forests in bloom.

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