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Travel Module: Sikkim Dzongu, India


Supplement your trip to Nordsikkim with a trip to the heartland of the indigenous inhabitants of Sikkim, the Lepcha  people. The otherworldly, fairytale mountain world of the remote Dzongu region, which is covered by primary forests, you will get deep insights into the natural, simple life of the people, whose warmth will enchant you. Hike from one hamlet to the next, and experience how the fields are being ploughed by ox plow, how firewood and green fodder for livestock is being gathered, and get acquainted with the animals on the farms.

On occasion, you may even meet a Lepcha shaman, a Mun (female) or a Bongthing (male). Rushing waterfalls, forests which are very rich in species, secluded, mystical places and the rustic lifestyle of the warm- hearted people  will deeply move you. You take short walks through the surrounding terrain and spend the night as a house guest with views of the snow giant Mt. Pandim (6691 m).


  • Experience the original and natural way of life of the indigenous people of Sikkim
  • Encounters with farmers, gatherers and on occasion the village shaman (Bongthing)
  • Be enchanted by the warmth of the locals
  • The mountainsides which are covered by fairytale, pristine jungles
  • Views of Mt Pandim (6691 m) and partly of Mt. Khangchendzonga (8585 m)
  • Authentic Lepcha folk dance performance on request

Travel Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival from Module Sikkim Base / Module Sikkim West (Rumtek, Gangtok) via Mangan to Dzongu.
Day 2 : Village walks in Dzongu.
Day 3 : Additional options Dzongu or continue with Module Sikkim North; Return to Rumtek Gangtok.


  • Tholung hike, + 2 - 3 days : Hike to the alp Tholung at 2500 m above sea level, which is surrounded by numerous waterfalls. This beautiful, little-known trekking route leads on a well developed path through pristine, biodiverse primeval forest, past rocky cliffs, numerous waterfalls and mystical springs. Thanks to the species-rich rain forest, the area is home to a huge variety of birds, and is highly interesting for ornithologists. Every three years the Kamsel ceremony takes place here, the relics which being are stored in the monastery are being aired, and shown to the pilgrims. 
  • Kishongla Trek, + 4 - 6 days : Go on a trek starting from the alp Tholung further to the alpine mountain world to the Kishongla mountain pass (4700 m above sea level), overlooking the holy Kishong Lake (4200 m above sea level).
  • Linghsa hike, + 1 - 2 days : Visit with us the remote village of Lingsha (1900 m above sea level). The rocky footpath leads from the road in the valley (970 m above sea level) on a direct natural path through terraced rice fields and past small hamlets to the farm of our hostess in the village of Lingsha, where there is also a Buddhist monastery.

Best Travel Period

Spring and autumn to December, and also winter.
For trekking the months of March to April are suitable, as well as October to December.
The Kunsel ceremony at the Tholung monastery takes place every three years.

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