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Trekking Module: Hiking & Trekking in the Wild North Sikkim

• 5 - 6 days • 3.5 - 4.5; 1 x 6 hours walking time / day • moderate - demanding • trekking path, open terrain, scree slopes • overnight stay at tent (4 - 5 x) • max. altitude: about 4800 m above sea level • accompanied by: trekking guide, kitchen staff/porter •


In the sparsely populated north Sikkim, not far from the Tibetan high plateau, leads you our trek on a rarely used route from the high valley of Yumthang, 3700 m above sea level, over a mountain pass which is 4800 m above sea level, to the hot springs of Tarum in the Lachen- valley. In the valley of Yumthang, where we stay in the camp, yaks are grazing on the banks of the wild-romantic river, which meanders through the wide valley, surrounded by snow mountains. 

Tibetan prayer flags, wooden houses and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and shrines adorn the wild and yet largely untouched mountain landscape, through which we travel on arrival. In the valley of Lachen we encounter an again completely different vegetation. From the lush green mountain forests we reach to the village of Lachen with its traditional houses made of packed earth. Further up dominate fir trees and buckthorn. Finally we reach the tree line at the last settlement before the Tibetan border on almost 4000 meters above sea level, and go on a short hike through an idyllic side valley.


  • in the spring from April to May the blossoming rhododendrons create a firework of colors in the valley of Yumthang
  • Trekking in northern Sikkim is complex - the routes aren’t travelled frequently
  • Grazing yaks, alpine flora, fantastic views of the partly unnamed mountain peaks of northern Sikkim
  • The Tibetan heritage is reflected in the culture of the Lachenpas and the Lachungpas
  • Diverse vegetation - from the subtropical to the alpine zone
  • Village temple, kagyu monastery Phodong, nyngma monasteries Phensang and Labrang

Travel Itinerary    

Day 1 : Arrival to North Sikkim from Travel Module Sikkim Basic / East.
You are guest at a typical Bhutia-homestay near the Phodong monastery.

Day 2 : Continue trip to Lachung with village tour. Overnight at hotel.

Day 3 : Transfer to the north, hike on well-developed hiking trail through rhododendron forest along the river to the thermal springs of Yumthang. Overnight in camp.

Day 4 to 7 : Trekking over the mountain pass, 4800 m above sea level, into the valley of Lachen. Overnights in camp.

Day 8 : Descent to the road and ride to the town of Lachen. Overnight at hotel.

Day 9 : Excursion to the last settlement before the Tibetan border and small, idyllic hike. On request, visit to the meditation place of the French author Alexandra David-Neel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 10 : Return journey to Gangtok / Rumtek. Continue for example with Travel Module Sikkim West or Travel Module Sikkim Dzongu.

Best Travel Period

April-May / June and late September to late October


  • Replace the trekking with simpler day and half-day hikes in the valley of Yumthang and Lachen / Tangu and always spend the night in permanent accommodations.
  • Green Lake Trekking from Lachen: + 8 days; 4 - 7.5 hours walking / day; max. altitude 4950 m above sea level.


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