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Classical Bangladesh Round Trip, Natural & Cultural Gem on the Delta of the Ganges


Bangladesh is a travel destination in Asia which is still almost unknown, and therefore mostly untouched by tourism. Discover with us the realm of the Ganges and Brahmaputra delta! 

Experience a ship cruise of several days through the Sunderbans, the largest contiguous mangrove forest on our earth. Here is hiding, among others, the endangered Bengal tiger and the terrain is a habitat with an impressive biodiversity. 

Discover by land and by water the beauty of the mangrove forest, as well as the cultural and natural diversity of the Chittagong hills. 

This varied tour takes you to lush green tea plantations, various tribal communities in the mountainous region Banderban, and in the megacity of Dhaka. Round off your trip to Bangladesh with a few days on the beach of the Bay of Bengal.


  • Multi-day boat trip through the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the world, the Sundarbans.
  • Boat trips through pristine mangrove forests in the Ganges Delta and natural beaches of the Bay of Bengal.
  • The ruins of the biggest Buddhist monastery south of the Himalayas from the 8th century.
  • Magnificent mosques and Hindu temples.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival Airport Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Option: Arrival by land, combined with our travel module "Kolkata" or "Meghalaya".

Day 2 : Dhaka - Jessore (Flight) - Beginning of the ship cruise.

Day 3 - 6 : Ship cruise through the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans with boat trips, walks and excursions on the way.

Day 7 : Visit to a crocodile farm and sightseeing tour of a mosque from the 15th century.

Day 8 : Visit to the otter fishermen.

Day 9 : Hindu temple in Puthia.

Day 10 : Visit to the Buddhist monastery ruins of Paharpur.

Day 11 : Return journey to Dhaka.

Day 12 - 13 : Dhaka - Chittagong (flight) and stay in the beautiful Bandarban Hills.

Day 14 : Train ride to Dhaka and city tour.

Day 15 : Sightseeing Dhaka.

Day 16 : Return flight.


  • To cut short the travel program:
    Of course, this travel itinerary can be shortened or extended according to your time window
  • Cox’s Beach
    Round off your Bangladesh voyage with a few days relaxing on the beach.
  • Boga Lake: + 2 days
    Hike through the villages of different native tribal communities, and spend the night at the homestay with a local family.
  • Lawachara National Park: + 2 days
    Visit one of the most fertile areas of Bangladesh, visiting a tea garden and take a short excursion into the Lawachara National Park.
  • Arrival from Kolkata, India via the border town of Benapole to Khulna, Bangladesh by road in an air conditioned vehicle. Afterwards, you can start your journey with a multi-day ship cruise through the Sundarban mangrove forests.

Best Travel Period

In Bangladesh, during October to March, you will experience a mild and pleasant climate, which is easy to tolerate compared to the chilly winter in the Himalayas. Adventurous travelers may like the special charm of the high monsoon during the months of June and August.

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