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A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland

Festival Calendar

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The festivals of Nagaland are mostly directly related to the agricultural calendar. Topics are often the strenghtening of the bonds in the community, or the honoring and summoning of the fertility of Mother Earth. Typical of a festival day in Nagaland is a recurring program sequence, often with group singing and dancing with the participation of the entire village population. Each tribe has in this its individualized traditions, which are expressed at festivals in the form of its own folk songs, dances, traditional sports, special food and beverages.

In the enormous wealth of songs and dances of the Nagas, often the topic is worship of the head hunter and warrior. Additionally also heroic tales, fertility and the praise of ones own group, its beauty, force, courage and strength. In many forms of dance it is about unity and togetherness, where the dancers prove their interdependence, for example through their position by collective balance and equilibrium formations. Often the goal of these representations is the communication of eternity and unity with nature. In Nagaland one dances and sings for all occasions.

The most important festivals of the different tribes:

Name of the tribe District Main festival Date
Angami Kohima Sekrenyi February 25th
Rengma Kohima Ngada November 27th
Zeliang Peren Mileinyi March 11th
Kuki Peren Mimkut January 17th
Kachari Dimapur Bushu End of January
Chakhesang Phek Thsukhenyie/Sukrenvu May 6th / January 15th
Lochurn Phek Yemshe October 5th
Chang Tuensang Nkanyulem July 13th
Ao Mokokchung Moatsu May 2nd
Konyak Mon Aoling April 13th
Lhom Longleng Monyu April 1st
Khiamniungam Tuensang Miu May 5th
Vimchunger Tuensang/Kiphire Metumniu August 8th
Sangtam Tuensang/Kiphire Mongmong September 3rd
Lotha Wokha Tokhu Emong November 7th
Sumi Tuluni Zunheboto July 8th
All 16 tribes Kohima Hornbill-festival December 1st – 7th
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