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Festival Calendar

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The folk festivals and celebrations which are held in Arunachal Pradesh are as manifold as the cultures and traditions. In the cities and settlement areas with predominantly immigrant population are in addition to the Hindu festivals - which are based on the lunar calendar - above all also Christian holidays celebrated. Many traditions and celebrations of secluded living tribal population have Buddhist influences, others are completely unique and are lived exclusively by certain tribes.

Tribe District District capital Festival Approximate date
Monpas Tawang & West Kameng Tawang & Bomdila Lossar (Tibetan New Year) February 11th
Monpas Tawang Tawang Buddha Mahotsava mid-October
Mijis West Kameng Bomdila Khan 11th Feb/March
Nishings East Kameng,
Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kummey, Papum Pare
Seppa, Ziro, Laying Yangte, Itanagar Nyokum February 26th
Sulungs East Kameng Seppa Gomkum Gompa April 15th
Hill Miris Lower Subansiri, Upper Subansiri Ziro, Daporijo Boori Boot February 6th
Apatanis Lower Subansiri Ziro Dree July 5th
Togins Upper Subansiri Daporijo Si-Donyi January 6th
Adis Upper Subansiri, West Siang Daporijo, Along Mopin April 5th
Adis West Siang, Lower Dibang Valley, Upper Dibang Valley Along, Roing, Anini Solung September 1st
Taroon & Kamman Mishmis Lohit Tezu Tamladu April 15th
Khampti Lohit Tezu Sangken April 15th
Singpho Lohit Tezu Shapwang Yawng Manau poi February 14th
Idu Mishmis Lower Dibang Valley, Upper Dibang Valley Roing, Anini Reh February 1st
Wanchos Tirap Khonsa Oriah February 16th
Noctes Tirap Khonsa Chalo-Loku November 25th
Tangsas Changiang Changiang Mol April
Mopin Upper Siang Yingklong Mopin April 5th
Solung Upper Siang Yingklong Solung September 1st
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