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Nagaland Landschaft Gebirge
Khiamniungam Volkstanz
Nagaland Hornbill Fest der Stammesangehörige der Chang
Nagaland Angami Dorf
Volkstanz Pochury Stamm Hornbill Fest Nagaland Kohima
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland
A Glimpse of NagalandA Glimpse of Nagaland

Mountain Scenery and Trekking

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Trekking in Nagaland allows for a breathtaking view of mountainous and river landscapes, lakes and enriching encounters with the mountain dwellers. Everywhere you come across caves, which are explored in the rarest cases, monoliths which are towering over their surroundings and holy places. Interesting rock formations, glittering springs, a kaleidoscope of exotic flowers such as orchids and multicolored rhododendrons characterize the landscape. To date, few people have discovered the beauty of Nagaland by hiking. Trekking and mountain climbing (2500-3841 m above sea level) have pioneering character, and are suitable for all those who are on the lookout for a travel experience off the usual tourist routes.

Also a round tour of the botanically particularly diverse "Valley of Flowers", or the ascent of the 2,600 meters high Glory Peak in the district of Mon are possible, It gives you a majestic view of Mount Everest and Mount Sarmati. In the mountain landscape of Nagaland, an unforgettable experience is expecting you, in an area which is still untouched by tourism; the pleasant climate also offers ideal conditions for cycling enthusiasts.

Physical challenge Description and area of the trek Maximum height Duration Type of accommodation Notes / Description
easy Village and nature walks 1000 - 2500 meters 1-6 hrs. Homestay / mountain cabin / tent Get insights into the secluded living and working in the countryside amidst the mountain landscape of Nagaland.
Trekking up to 3600 m
easy to moderate Mt. Saramatiby/ burmese border in the District Kiphire 3841 meters 2 days Tent/ homestay/ mountain cabin Visit villages of the tribes of the Sanctam, Yimchunger and Sema.
easy to moderate Mt. Veda/Mon District 2600 meters 1 day mountain cabin The trek starts in Tchenmohuvill. In the north you catch sight of the mighty Brahmaputra, in the east you look out over Myanmar.
easy to moderate Dzukou Valley Trekking/ Kohima District 2400 meters 3 days Homestay/ mountain cabin From a distance, the Dzukou Valley looks like a well-kept golf course, it is covered with miniature bamboo and wild flowers.
easy to moderate Mt. Pauna/ Peren District 2050 meters 1 day mountain cabin On this trek you can discover the primordial nature; You pass through a forest which is interspersed with aromatic herbs and interesting medicinal plants.
easy to moderate Mt. Kepamadzu/ Thetsumi/ Pfusero District 2300 meters 1 day Homestay/ mountain cabin At the border with the state of Manipur you traverse beautiful rhododendron forest and various villages of the native people.
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