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Landschaft See Schamanismus Mongolei
Mongolische Familienzusammenkunft
Yurte Unterkunft Karakorum Mongolei
Landschaft Wüste Gobi im Sommer
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A Glimpse of MongoliaA Glimpse of Mongolia
A Glimpse of MongoliaA Glimpse of Mongolia
A Glimpse of MongoliaA Glimpse of Mongolia
A Glimpse of MongoliaA Glimpse of Mongolia
A Glimpse of MongoliaA Glimpse of Mongolia
A Glimpse of MongoliaA Glimpse of Mongolia

Mountain Scenery and Trekking

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Life in Mongolia has probably in many places retained its original character, among others thanks to the vastness of the country, and opens to Western travelers today an insight into a frugal but cozy life, far away from everyday hustle and bustle. The seemingly endless expanse of the Mountain scenery, in which the scree slopes are interspersed by lush wildflower valleys, and snowcapped peaks crown the juicy- green pastures, can be best discovered on foot, or on the back of the strong Mongolian horses - or on the back of camels.

To get out of the tent in the morning, to take a deep breath of the cool, clean air and to refresh oneself with crystal clear spring water enables an experience of nature with all our senses, the way it is only possible in these remote areas of the world. Whether you choose one of our proven itineraries, or would like to reach certain destinations, we are happy to put together your custom- made Mongolia journey!

Physical challenge Description and area of the trek Maximum height Duration Type of accommodation Notes / Description
TREKKING up to 3600 meters
easy Horse trekking in the Khentii National Park 1500 meters 5 days Tourist camp and tent Ride on horseback through the incredibly beautiful Khentii National Park on the border with Siberia. Get insight into the life of the nomads.You can enjoy views of open plains, hot springs, the tundra and hills covered by pine forest. Discover happiness in the most remote and beautiful areas of the Khentii mountain range. This trek is one of the best riding trails through untouched land in the middle of Asia.
moderate Gobi desertcamel trekking 1000-1500 meters 3 days Tourist camp and tent Trek through the lush, rich and varied landscape of the Gobi desert on camel back.Overnights in tents under the vast Mongolian sky, visiting nomadic herder families, exploring ancient ruins and places of discovery of dinosaur skeletons. Experience the perfection of the peaceful silence of the vast desert, before returning to Ulaan Baatar and experience the contrast between tradition and modernity.
TREKKING up to 4800 meters
moderate Altai & Gobi max. 4300 meters, avg. 2500-3000 meters 16 days Tourist camp and tent Explore the leisureliness and slowness of the trek on horseback and pleasant walks on paths along countless lakes, rivers, through valleys and over snow-covered passes of the Altai mountain range. Watch the traditional hunt with eagles tamed of the Kazakhs and stay at the Camp under the endless blue skies of Mongolia on the banks of crystal clear mountain lakes.
moderate Altai trekking max. 4300 meters, avg. 2500-3000 meters 8 days Tourist camp and tent This route crosses the Altai mountains from the foothills of the mighty Tsambagarav to the base of the five magnificent peaks of the Tavan Bogd, the highest peak of Mongolia. We cross lush, green grasslands and put up the tent next to crystal clear mountain lakes or in valleys full of wild flowers. This trek is covered on foot and on horseback, but always on comfortable paths. On the way we will encounter nomads who have maintained one of the oldest and most original lifestyles in the world.
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